Summer Fun for Less!

Longer days and warmer weather are here, filling our minds with happy thoughts of summertime. Whether your fun means a vacation, staycation, or daily sunny-day activities, there's definitely some planning needed for a successful summer.

Your credit union has a few simple tips to help you keep your cool while planning the ultimate stress-free summer, at a great price.

Travel by Air and Land

  • Book your flights ASAP
  • Arrive early at the airport
  • Make deposits
  • Plan ahead for the road with a daily itinerary and hotel/restaurant reservations
  • Get an early start to avoid traffic

Ideas for "Staycations"

  • Return to nature at parks, retreats, lakes, and beaches
  • Get some culture at local museums, aquariums, science centers, and concerts
  • Spoil yourselves with a spa day, shopping, or nice restaurant
  • Camp out at your homestead with a tent, scary ghost stories, campfire songs, and s'mores

Celebrate the Season

  • Play in the water - oceans, lakes, pools, even the sprinkler. Good old water play is always fun! Remember to be safe while splashing.
  • Cook light and healthy. From easy salads and dips to grilling and fresh fruits, the summer months are the perfect time to keep it simple and fresh.
  • Make deposits
  • Soak up some sun in your backyard, at the pool or beach, gardening, or washing the car. Grab your sunscreen and bask in the rays.
  • Do nothing! Summer is a great time for activities but sometimes taking a break to sit and soak it all in is just what we need.

As you plan for summer, remember CFDCU can always help with vacation loans for summertime fun-time.


Hotlines allows you to call the number directly!

The Hotlines number is (704) 375-0221.

Debit and Credit Card Travel Notice

Because of the frequency of fraudulent transactions from certain areas, there are some geographical restrictions in place with our card processor.

Please notify us if you intend to travel out of the country so that we can notify the card processor and hopefully prevent any problems.