2019 Board of Directors Election

The Board of Directors serves the membership and is therefore elected by the membership. Charlotte Fire Department Credit Union operates with five (5) directors who are elected for three (3) year terms. Two (2) directors positions with three (3) year terms expires this year. Mike Keffer and L.C. Kelly currently serve as directors and will seek re-election.

If you are interested in seeking election to become a director, contact any member of the Nominating Committee and submit your application by 5:00pm on January 31, 2019.

2019 Nominating Committee Members

  • Phyllis Cochran (704) 651-1786
  • Gregg Jordan (704) 825-2399
  • Jason Tilley (336) 736-0319

The Nominating Committee must receive nominations by January 31, 2019 by 5:00pm.

Hotlines and Drive Thru Are Back!

Our drive thru window has been installed and is open for business.

Also, Hotlines is back in service as well but with a difference. The new system allows you to call the number directly!

The Hotlines number is (704) 375-0221.

Debit and Credit Card Travel Notice

Because of the frequency of fraudulent transactions from certain areas, there are some geographical restrictions in place with our card processor.

Please notify us if you intend to travel out of the country so that we can notify the card processor and hopefully prevent any problems.