Lost Cards

  • If you lose your ATM card, let us know as soon as possible by calling (704) 375-3950. If it is after hours or on the weekend send us an email here.
  • If you lose your VISA Debit Card call (800) 682-6075.
  • If you lose your VISA Credit Card call (800) 808-7230.

Stolen Cards

If either of your cards are stolen:

  • Contact law enforcement immediately

  • Make sure to get a copy of the police report

  • Contact VISA at the appropriate number above


Locked out of HomeTeller? Now you can reset your password if the credit union is closed. - Go here to see the step-by-step instructions.

eAlerts - Go here to find out about eAlerts.

HomeTeller Link Missing? - Use this link if your browser does not display the HomeTeller link in the menu at the top of the page.

CFDCU Mobile App

App Activation

In order to use our mobile app, CFDCU Mobile, it must first be activated. Activation is just a way to make sure that the device trying to access your account is legitimate. To learn how to do this go here. Once there you will also find directions on how to Deactivate a device so that it can no longer have access to your account. This is really important if your phone is lost or stolen.

2017 Holiday Closings

  • Monday, September 4th - Labor Day
  • Thursday and Friday, November 23rd and 24th - Thanksgiving
  • Monday and Tuesday, December 25th and 26th - Christmas

Weather Closing

In the event of inclement weather, business hours/closings are reported on WSOC TV Channel 9. We will also update our homepage as well as Twitter and Facebook.

Helpful Links

2017 Shift Calendar

Pay Your Credit Card Online

Reorder Checks

Find an ATM

Switch Kit

Switch Kit

If you're ready to make the switch to the credit union, congratulations! To get you started we've assembled the documents you'll need. These are pdf documents that you can just fill out on your computer then print. Please don't email these because they have very, very sensitive information on them and most email isn't secure. Don't worry though because we don't collect ANY information from these. As a matter of fact, you can even save them to your PC and complete them that way.

Once you've finished, just print them and come see us! We'll help you make sure that everything is complete and ready to go.

New Rules When Transferring Funds via Hotlines Audio

On our old system, when you needed to enter the suffix information for a transfer, you just entered 01 or 10, etc. Since our upgrade our system uses three digit suffixes. Because of this, the system is looking for three digits instead of just two. So to enter, say suffix 10, you could enter 010 or 10#, for suffix 01 you could enter 001, 01# or 1#.

We hope this isn't too confusing but if you have any questions, just ask us.